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Cemetery Gun

The Powell-Cotton has asked to gather a complete knowledge about one single object in the museum and make that accessible and engaging for the public in a typographic form reflecting the museum’s commitment to either research, play or interactive learning.

The Powell-Cotton collection at Quex Park is the “UK’s Most Inspiring Museum”. Now at the end of a refurbishment, designed to increase access to the museum’s collection, many of the objects in Powell-Cotton have unique stories to be communicated.

My story is about cemetery gun displayed in Powell-Cotton Museum. The target audience are visitors of the museum, primarily students as their curiosity tends to be higher due to the aim of their visit, whether it is due to school research or their own project to gather information. And primarily male audience, because male audience tends to be more interested into weapons than women.

The background aims to evoke feeling of gravestone material by its texture and darker tone. The slab-serif typeface conveys an idea of the time when the gun was used (middle 18th – 19th century) as the slab-serifs emerged in early 1800s. For the body text, I used serif font which is generally more legible on printed pieces. Best legible choice on the dark background after proofing showed to be Times New Roman. The reading strategy direction of the main message is top-down. While a reader is on the top-middle position, which means that he is still on overground—cemetery gun position, and when he gets on the last line, he gets to the “underground” where the line about fresh buried graves is below the ground.


Queck Park - Powell Cotton Museum




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