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The brief was to create a new brand with its own product (shoes) with a given unreal magic attribute: ‘shoes which enable you to travel at different speeds without using your own energy’, simply put: ‘Effortless speed in your shoes’.

Ceev produces unique state-of-the-art shoes enabling you to overcome distances in a blink of an eye without even breaking a sweat. Do you remember what shoes did Usain Bolt wear when he made a world record for the 100m and 200m race in 2009 Berlin? As you have probably (not) guessed they were Puma Yaam! The name comes from Hmong language. Ceev’s identity connects to this, and so its name primarily comes from Hmong language meaning speed. Additionally, the ‘v’ in red colour marks the physical unit—velocity.

The whole branding idea lies in the lightness, power, and speed which are the key values for the product. Research about logo and heraldry brought my project to animal kingdom where I found an animal ticking all boxes of Ceev’s values, the most effective king hunter of the sky—eagle. As the product and brand would be based in USA, I chose iconic Bald eagle for the advertising and the target audience.




Advertising, Branding & Identity, Print, Visual Identity

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D
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